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PDF Programme available here

Watch selected lectures live here

Dillon Centenary Symposium
Celebrating 100 Years of Carbohydrates

9.00-9.30 Registration

Session 1 – Developing Renewable Carbohydrate Resources

Chair: Patrick O’Leary, Head of the School of Chemistry



Patrick O’Leary

Welcome and Opening



Zoe Popper, NUI Galway

Sweetness and fight: carbohydrates for plant protection



Stephen Dooley, TCD

The fuels we make from celluloses



Maria Tuohy, NUI Galway

Dialogue, détente and devastation: Relevance of the interactions between plants and fungi to the potential of carbohydrates in the bioeconomy



Tea/coffee & posters

Session 2 – Carbohydrates in Drug Discovery/Delivery and Anti-Infective Research

Co-Chairs: Joe Byrne & Styliana Mirallai, Honorary Research Lecturers, School of Chemistry



Short talk: Abdullah Hussein, UCD

Determining the role of sialic acids in pathogenic bacteria: synthesis of pseudaminic acid and related analogues



Short talk: Ana Lúcia Rebelo, CÚRAM

Disaccharide-functionalised collagen hydrogels for neuronal cells delivery



Eoin Scanlon, TCD

Glycosylated prodrug applications for targeted cancer therapy



Trinidad Velasco-Torrijos, Maynooth

Tackling fungal infections with anti-adhesive glycoconjugates



Rob Woods, CCRC, Athens, Georgia

Glycomimetics to Inhibit Influenza Infection



Lunch & Poster Session



Beat Ernst, Basle

Carbohydrate-Lectin Interactions – What Makes Them Unique?

Session-3 Carbohydrates in the Gut and Relevance to Human Health

Chair: Lokesh Joshi, Professor of Glycosciences, Vice President Research & CÚRAM



Mary O’Connell Motherway, UCC

Carbohydrate metabolism and exopolysaccharide biosynthesis by the gut commensal Bifidobacterium breve



Marguerite Clyne, UCD

Mucin and Glycan Mediated Interactions of the Intestinal Pathogen Campylobacter jejuni



Michelle Kilcoyne, NUI Galway

Novel methods for assessing pathogen and commensal interactions with mucins and receptors

Short Break

Dillon Centenary Symposium

Celebrating the Full Legacy

Chair: Noel Lowndes, Professor of Biochemistry, School of Natural Sciences & Director of the Centre for Chromosome Biology



Niall Dillon, Imperial College London

Signalling proteins that regulate cellular transitions in early development and cancer

From ~4.50-5.10pm: Tea/coffee will be served including for those arriving for the public session

Public Session



The Dillon Threesis Challenge
(three minute presentations for a lay audience)


Rosalía Martinez Lopez

Brown seaweed polysaccharides as nutraceuticals of the future


Neville Murphy

Metallacarborane antibiotics


Sean Hennessey

Catalytic solar dyads – a bright future


Fiach Meany

A dash of stereochemistry


Liam Fitzgerald

Room to improve: architecture problems in Chemistry


Sam Afoullouss

Ireland’s deep-sea pharmacy


Syl Byrne

Glycomimetics are the best medicines


Hayden Wilkinson

Oh Glycan, where art thou?



Youth Ballet West

A Chemical Ballet: this performance is based on a synopsis on the benzene ring, choreographed by Ester O Brolchain


6.00-7.30 and symposium reception

Honor O Brolchain

(grand-daughter of Thomas Dillon, family historian and author)

Includes Historical Lecture

The Remarkable Thomas P. Dillon: Chemist, Professor, Revolutionary

Reception to follow


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